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Re: CIS to EFI

On Mon, 9 Mar 1998, Gerard wrote:

> timing tweaks and boost increase. You can opt for several systems on
> the list that don't require a computer mod, they work very well, but
> at some point I suppose you wanted the computer to be in control as
> it was supposed to be, right?

Yes.  It is easy, an dchanging the chip on the CIS cars is the "right" 
thing to do from an engineering standpoint, I think.

> > It is a big change, and not for the casual weekend mechanic.   Its also
> > very expensive - like 1500 - 2000 for a complete swap.
> A big job for a car that costs about $10,000! But then again, I have

No, a big job for a car that costs 2500 bux.  Most folks I know with 
10,000 dollar cars won't play with them.

> run it back to the turbo intake. What do you do for intake on your
> car, Graydon? Any special ducting you did to get the coldest air?

My intake is just behind the headlight.   The intake temps aren't too 
bad, but I get water ingestion occasionally.  That's more important to 
fix IMHO.

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