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Re: CIS to EFI

> No, a big job for a car that costs 2500 bux.  Most folks I know with
> 10,000 dollar cars won't play with them.

Wow! If only I could get one for that price! :) In 1990 the 200t sold
new here was about $20,000 in todays currency conversion. My motor was
$7,600, the bank is nailing me badly so the total cost came to $11,000!
Scary!! :)

> My intake is just behind the headlight.   The intake temps aren't too
> bad, but I get water ingestion occasionally.  That's more important to
> fix IMHO.

Do you have the washer bottle behind the right hand lamp? We do here,
it is a cramped spot, but a move of the bottle could help.

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