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RE: open diffs at the limit.

>no dave,  we've lost traction at [either] axle.  same scenario as scott
>proposed with the torsen....

>agree with your conclusions about the open centre diff, but you 'lose'
>an axle with the centre diff locked and you might be sending 50% of
>torque that way, but none is getting to the ground.  the torsen is
>sending (wasting) 30% of it's torque, while the generation 1 setup is
>wasting 50%.  win for the torsen.

Actually, with a traditional mechanical locking centre diff and one axle with
no traction (both front -OR- both rear wheels have no traction) then 100% of the
torque will be directed by the locked diff to the axle with the traction and 0%
torque directed to the axle with no traction..