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RE: Removing Front Bumper of Ur-q

85 ur-q still uses the allen-head cap screws under the little body-colored
caps in front. 85 ur-q does not however use the little caps in the rear.


From: 	Buchholz, Steven[SMTP:Steven.Buchholz@kla-tencor.com]
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Subject: 	RE: Removing Front Bumper of Ur-q

... actually I think the original poster's suspicions were right.  On
the earlier urQs the bumpers (front and rear) are held on by four
"socket cap" bolts with a 6mm hex head.  These bolts were accessed from
the outside of the bumper, and were located under caps.  I thought even
the euro bumpers were mounted in this fashion ...

I know that on my '83 urQ I find it quite easy to remove the bumper and
the plastic bodywork that covers the lower part of the nose and the
lower shrouds; after these parts are removed a lot of things become more
accessible ... perhaps not the power steering pump though ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
> ----------
> Anyway, the bumper is essentially secured by two bolts with 17mm
> heads.  The 
> left side of the car (in direction of travel) you can get to easily
> from 
> below.  The right side officially requires the removal of the
> intercooler, 
> although you can get to the bolt with a Langline or open-ended wrench
> through 
> the right front headlight hole.