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Re: EFI vs CIS

On Mon, 9 Mar 1998, QSHIPQ wrote:

> Before I would jump to CIS, I might take a hard look at B4B.  2000 is a bunch
> of money that can be spent elsewhere on a CIS system.  I've driven CIS cars

That's very true, and the biggest factor in favour of retaining the CIS.

> tell me?  Well, money no object, I see advantages to CIS.  For most folks I

Is that a typo?   I see advantages to EFI if money were no object, but 
not CIS.   There's nothing CIS can do that EFI can't do.   There are also 
alot of things EFI can do that CIS can't do.  So, I definitely see an 
advantage to EFI if money is not an object.   My quest is to bring the 
cost down to a point where it is _reasonable_ to swap over to EFI.

> would argue that until you've done the 'other' mods, EFI isn't the place to
> start.  Sequential EFI, maybe can be argued to have big benefits (torque), but
> compared to your basic EFI, CIS isn't holding you back.  Not at all.

True, but it depends on how much you value the remedies to the faults of
the CIS system.  To me, it would be worth the money to have perfect
starts, hot or cold, rock steady idle, fewer failure potentials, fewer
vacuum leak potentials, better economy, lower emissions probably, and far
greater adjustability for future development. 

> most that consider EFI, haven't done the basics to justify the need.  Does it
> work?  You betcha.  Is CIS keeping you from going fast and tweeking your car.
> Nope.  Is EFI the answer?  Depends.  What else ya got?

True.  Most don't need EFI.  But even a stock engine can benefit from an 
EFI system.

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