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Re: ride height on '85 ur-q

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    From: George Harrison <georgeh@iol.ie>

    >I noticed today the q appeared to be sitting a little strange, that is
the gap >between top of tyre and the fender looked a lot smaller on the rear
right >than on the rear left.  A quick check with fingers as a measure show
two >fingers will fit gap on right rear, while three fingers fit on left
    >Checked again, this time with a tape measure ( half tank fuel, no
>occupants), showed the following......
    >measuring from centre of wheel to edge of fender:

    My quattro looks to sit odd sometimes - I think that its usually some
sort of optical illusion that makes it look worse than it actually is.
    I've just measured mine :-
    RL - 35cm
    RR - 34cm
    FL - 34cm
    FR - 34cm
    I might be wrong about the LR 'cos its only six inches from the side
wall of my garage so things are a bit tight getting to it.

    Jim Haseltine
    88 Ur quattro
    (Appolgies for any HTML or strange formatting, but someone sent me a
message that has managed to scr*w the settings on my mailer)