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B Chassis Derivatives Comparo and What Will a 1.8T fit in

Hey All,
	I am once again considering an '84 4KQ in silver (it's a must), and had a
few questions. I will probably end up modding the car as I go along, but it
is basically to save my other cars from mileage and winter use. I am
looking for good performance, reliability and fuel economy when the car is
complete. So my engine choice seems pretty broad if what I think I know of
the car is true.
	I am leaning towards the '84 4KQ because I know where I can get a cool
one, and it is not very expensive. There are also a good deal of private VW
Audi specialty shops in my area that are cheaper than a dealership but very
	I have some questions but will start with these.

1. Will a 1.8T fit in the car? I am banking on the fact that there will be
a ton of Passat 4 cylinders on the market and the engine in longitudinal
layout will be fairly common on the used and wrecked market in the next few
years. Will the tranny and clutch assemblys fit too?

2. How is the quattro system in the car, in comparison to newer versions.
What should I look out for, and what is upgradeable. As things break on the
car I am planning on upgrading. 

3. How hard would it be to go to 5 lug configuration? Do only the parts
from an ultra rare ur-Q fit the car, or could I pirate the stuff off of a
wrecked 5000 turbo?

4. What are the similarities between the 4KQ gen 1 and other of what I call
B chassis cars including the Dasher, Quantum, VW Fox, Audi Fox etc. For
example would items like Fox tail lights swap on the car, or would the
chrome window surround (ala A4) from the Quantum fit with some mods?

5. I know the bolt pattern is 4 lug, but is it VW 4 lug offset or Audi
offset 4lug like my sisters '93 90? 

	I have never considered B chassis cars before, and am now greatly
interested and find myself to be a little ignorant. I know what swaps with
what for A chassis cars like the Golfs, Jettas, corrados and Audi A3s, but
have no ideas in this area.
	Thanks for the info.Later-G