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Parts needed

I am looking for a hypherdufralatrix for my 1965 NSU super suds washing
machine. Did I come to the right place?  It seems that the NSU washing machine
used the fore-runner of the audi 5000/100 brake bomb system for injecting the
suds.   It even uses pentosin to lube the washing rack. (It always leaks)
Well, I was just curious if any one has a hypherdufralatrix p/n 857 612 085A
(which has probobly been superceded about 243 times) I hear Audi list price is
about $9000 for this thing. But hey... My washer is worth it!


  PS. I went to my local midas yesterday, and they told me I needed muffler
bearings.  I said "Okay, do them! " They charged me $500.00.  Does that sound