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Quattro prices

In message <01bd4baa$7902ebc0$LocalHost@default> "Ian J Haseltine" writes:

> Just got around to reading the March news letter.
>  I had to laugh at  'apologises' paragraph - but things got alot better when
> I reached the quattro showroom, what are some of these prices in? Belgian
> Francs?  OK, I'll admit that I dont think that I have ever seen the two cars
> in question, but I would really doubt the sanity of anyone who made a
> 'serious offer' of 18K for a 88 MB.

The GBP20000 20V was bought last weekend for GBP14000 or so, and is in
the Newsletter to make a quick GBP6000 'fast buck' for this week's
owner.  We will see how successful he is.  (GBP20000 = $32000).

The GBP18000 car is Malcolm Lake's, of course.  You would have to be
slightly mad to pay that much for it, though it _is_ in reasonable
mechanical condition.  Whether bright blue upholstery picked out with
bright yellow cording is to your taste ...

You'd also have to like a bright yellow powder coated cam cover.

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