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People and the cars they buy....

Some people are just plain rich. Today I took my 200t to Audi Centre
to have a fault check, it was too expensive for my blood to get a
quote so I left. But while I was waiting for a service person a
beautiful silver RS2 drove in. The guy who drove it was in his
50s or 60s. He brought the car in to have his
new wipers fitted. Could he not do it? Makes one wonder whether he
knows what he is driving! An RS2 of all things! Obviously bought for
pure image. He had the look of a local government official, and if
you know South Africa you'll know that thousands of pensioners have
recently gone without payouts due to "lack of funds" -- while the
minister of finance was vacation in the Saychelles or Mauritius!
Obviously got tooooo much money! I found it classic that the guy had
to come in to the Audi Centre to have his wiper blades changed, a
full 12 second job! :)

There, that's my bitch for the day! :) I now know of at least 1
gorgeous RS2 bought for purposes other than what it was intended for! :)

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