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Re: Rear diff

 Mike Stump <tree@triton.net> postulated:

>After driving through 1-2 feet of slush/snow on top of ice today, I
>realized that I liked the handling of my Q better with the rear diff
>locked than with it open.  Unfortunately, I have an '89 80q so the diff
>unlocks at 15 mph.  Has ayone modifyed their car so that the rear diff
>stays locked?  Any disadvantage to doing this?  And the big question,
>how could this be done?

>From the Bentley schematics, it would _appear_ that disconnecting the
speedometer signal to the diff lock controller under the rear seat would
work.  I have been planning to investigate this as soon as I get a dc to
ac converter so I can run an oscilloscope in the car.  One may be able
to wire this so the cut-out speed is variable.  However, I want to know
whether the speedometer signal wants some impedance at this point, as
well as whether the lock controller does also.  Ideally, a modification
of this sort would include a way of defaulting to a safe (for the diff)

         ....  Kirby  (kirby.a.smith@lmco.com)
                   New Hampshire, USA
                      2 X 1988 90q