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EFI vs CIS, the need for speed

In a message dated 98-03-09 15:09:45 EST, you write:

<< Is that a typo?   I see advantages to EFI if money were no object, but 
> not CIS.   There's nothing CIS can do that EFI can't do.   There are also 
> alot of things EFI can do that CIS can't do.  So, I definitely see an 
> advantage to EFI if money is not an object.   My quest is to bring the 
> cost down to a point where it is _reasonable_ to swap over to EFI.
Thanks for the typo correction.  Money no object, EFI has 'some' advantages.
I think a lot of folks see EFI as a win/win.  Let's all understand that EFI-
lambda and CIS-lambda are both port injection cars (non sequential to date),
so the gains are minimal IMO.  A sequential EFI would intrigue me, but the
development of that is beyond my needs or comprehension.  So the 'real'
benefits are probably due to less intake air restriction.  So the question is,
can you take that 2 grand and spend it more wisely elsewhere?  I argue so,
 > would argue that until you've done the 'other' mods, EFI isn't the place to
 > start.  Sequential EFI, maybe can be argued to have big benefits (torque),
 > compared to your basic EFI, CIS isn't holding you back.  Not at all.
 >>True, but it depends on how much you value the remedies to the faults of
 >>the CIS system.  To me, it would be worth the money to have perfect
 >>starts, hot or cold, rock steady idle, fewer failure potentials, fewer
 >>vacuum leak potentials, better economy, lower emissions probably, and far
 >>greater adjustability for future developm >>
Points of interest.  I have worked on several cars, and done the all the CIS
system checks required.  And they start as well as EFI, hot or cold, Idle is a
function of the ISV and Idle switch more than the injector components.
Failure?  I suppose we could argue that, but 2000 will buy you a lot of fixes
to CIS.  Better economy?  Not sure I go there with you.  Port FI is Port FI.
Lamda is lambda. Lower emissions?  Not sure I go there either.  A CIS -lambda
car, even with massive tweeks, has NO problem passing emissions (cat or no),
btdt.  As a general rule, tweeks make a motor cleaner, assuming you are not
messing with HC.  I don't go with the adj argument necessarily either.
Massive power from a 2.2L motor needs so much fuel.  That can be done with CIS
to a level higher than 99% of the tweeked audi cars running in the States.  

So, EFI is a good thing.  Graydon, yours works well, and I applaud all your
efforts in making it work on a 5cyl.  When you get the sequential EFI setup,
do call me directly.  :)

My .02

Scott Justusson