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Re: EFI vs CIS, the need for speed

> Thanks for the typo correction.  Money no object, EFI has 'some' advantages.
> I think a lot of folks see EFI as a win/win.  Let's all understand that EFI-
> lambda and CIS-lambda are both port injection cars (non sequential to date),
> so the gains are minimal IMO.  A sequential EFI would intrigue me, but the
> development of that is beyond my needs or comprehension. 

I have seen no indication that sequential EFI is better than batch for
power, just for emissions at low RPM and maybe smoothness of idle.

> So the 'real'
> benefits are probably due to less intake air restriction.

I'd agree with that.  The CIS air metering plate is a major restriction.
Whether removing that restriction is worth $1k to $2k...?