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FS: rare TURBO QUATTRO COUPE w/ very low miles

A frinend of mine in Atlanta has a rare '83 TURBO QUATTRO COUPE w/ 28k
original miles.  This car has bearly even been roken in. I've only seen
this car on the road once in the whole time that i've seen it.  It was my
friend's Dad's weekend fun car. This all-wheel-drive terroriser is  white
w/ leather interior and the original deep dish multispoke 15x8 rims.  The
car has the original window sales sticker, which shows that this car sold
for almost $40,000 new in '83. If you want a Powerful Classic European Car
and want to possess the very essence of what Audi is today, you need this
car.  The price of this car is $14k OBO.

Carey Lyn
("Audi, Leading the Pack")