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Re: NA I-5 performance suggestions

> > I'll bet someone on this list has a plan they
> >could share for a full throttle enrichment device.
> Funny you should mention this, but I'm planning to fool around with this
> myself after reading about Techtonics Tuning kit for the Scirocco.  In
> theory its very simple.  Temp sensor is wired in series with another
> resistor which is shorted by the NC contacts of a relay.  When you hit WOT,
> the relay cuts in opening the contacts and putting the "enrichment"
> resistor in the circuit.  ECU gets fooled into thinking the temperature is
> colder and compensates by bumping up the current to the differential
> pressure regulator.  The fun comes in determining the value of the
> enrichment resistor so you don't go overboard and go past 12:1 F/A ratio.

Doesn't the Wide Open Throttle (a.k.a. full throttle) switch achieve this
function on CIS-E cars? 

I recall reading somewhere that when the ECU sees the WOT switch close, it
goes open-loop and bumps the pressure actuator current by ~3mA, effectively
enriching the fuel mixture (slightly).

I assumed that the CIS-E "chip" mods offered by TAP, etc. just reprogrammed
the actuator current increase on WOT to a higher value.  This gets you closer
to 12.6:1 without much danger of going over-rich.

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