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VDO gauge lighting/Mac 02 circuit details

     I just installed VDO water temp, oil pressure and boost gauges from 
     theirVision series.  The boost gauge lighting is much dimmer than the 
     other 2, and VDO tells me that's normal.  Anyone else experience this? 
     BTW, I ended up using a VDO tubing kit, which I fished through a spare 
     rubber nipple where the driver's side wiring harness enters.  An 
     additional barb to 1/8 FPT fitting from the hardware store allowed me 
     to connect standard vacuum line in the engine compartment to a 3.5 MM 
     vacuum line right beside the power steering reservoir.
     On another point, I'm thinking about possible circuits to control the 
     CPU high-boost cutoff.  Does anyone know the impedance of the 
     existing pressure transducer, and the impedance that the board offers 
     to the transducer's output?  This is a Mac 02 from an '83 urQ.  TIA.