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Re: F Stress bar rave, R stress bar Q

> Now, trying to find a rear sway bar for the FWD Coupe is another matter
> entirely...nigh-on impossible, really.

One way is to weld a plate across the U shaped beam effectively 
closing it off.  In some model years there is actually a bar welded 
on the inside of the beam itself (my 82 Coupe has it).
It will make the beam stiffer and act as a anti roll bar.

I also made up a custom aluminium stress bar for the front.
It's a very simple design.  I also know of someone who has copied the 
design on the '92-'94 90 quattro (V6) and actually used the stock 
Audi components (brackets that weld onto the strut tower).

Martin Pajak

1982 Coupe TURBO (473,150 km)
1984 4000s quattro (soon to be a rally car)
1986 4000s quattro (317,000 km) with four Nokia 10's
1970 Porsche 911E Targa (for sale)
1982 Coupe (154,000) parts car

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