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RE: Heading Northwest (Doo Wops rally too)

Sorry...I should have posted this earlier.  The Doo Wops SCCA PRO Rally
is this weekend in Olympia (being held in the Capital Forest) and is 60%
national points paying event, as well as two divisional events (don't
remember the coef's off hand).  For more info on the rally and
directions, go to Ben Bradley's site at http://www.reed.edu/~bradley .
You can go to the Northwest Region SCCA home page for directions at
http://www.nwr-scca.org .  HTH!

-mark nelson

> hey how ya doin, guess i'm not up too much on this quattro stuff, i'm
> in
> tacoma, and was wondering what exactly is going on in Olymipia...your
> regard
> with be much appriciated...TIA, paul m.
> 85 4ksq
> 85 coupe gt
> 85 VW gti