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Re: plonkers and rs2's

oi, i resemble that remark!!

except i'm 39, and not a local govt official.

oh, and i recently replaced the indicator light on the rs2.

seriously, i wouldn't touch the thing with a spanner until i know a lot more
about it than i do now.  the ur-quattro is a better bet, at least i have the

i'm sorely depressed to find that probably 50% of rs2 drivers i see look like
they *are* using them for shopping trolley's (a non-sexist oblique reference
for the descerning).

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

>Date: Tue, 10 Mar 1998 14:37:41 +0200
>From: Gerard <gerard@poboxes.com>
>Subject: People and the cars they buy....
>Some people are just plain rich. Today I took my 200t to Audi Centre
>to have a fault check, it was too expensive for my blood to get a
>quote so I left. But while I was waiting for a service person a
>beautiful silver RS2 drove in. The guy who drove it was in his
>50s or 60s. He brought the car in to have his
>new wipers fitted. Could he not do it? Makes one wonder whether he
>knows what he is driving! An RS2 of all things! Obviously bought for
>pure image. He had the look of a local government official, and if
>you know South Africa you'll know that thousands of pensioners have
>recently gone without payouts due to "lack of funds" -- while the
>minister of finance was vacation in the Saychelles or Mauritius!
>Obviously got tooooo much money! I found it classic that the guy had
>to come in to the Audi Centre to have his wiper blades changed, a
>full 12 second job! :)