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Steamboat Audi Pics on Line

Hello All,

At last I posted all the Steamboat pictures from the Steamboat Winter
driving event.  (I've been a bit side tracked with a new 83 Ur q and
job)  There are over 40 pics of Q-list quattros including a review from
Scott Justusson.  Point you browser to
"http://www.hcp.net/audi/rmqrepor.html" to view the event review page.

I would like to  thank Dean Grigsby from Discount Tire.  He "lent" me a
new set of Yokohama ice tires for the event.  We thought it would have
been interesting to send me up to Steamboat with at least three
different sets of tires to do some side by side testing.  Maybe next
year.   Anyone want to take part in the test?????

I've also posted several new pics on the Quat C pics page including a
20v conversion and Steve Eiches' ongoing 20v conversion.  Steve's
interior is almost all out and the shell should be ready for painting
within the next week.   This pics can be seen at

Enjoy the viewing

Chris tuc Tucker