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For Sale:Peformance Chip/Boost upgrade, Seats, Alpine amp, Audi, and , , Viper alarm (All with prices)

 I've got some things some of you may be interested in.
 1) '85 4000: great running condition, 5-spd, sunroof, all power
 (PW,PL,PS,PM), AC, new clutch, new tires, very reliable.  $1750 or best
 2) T.A.P. Performance Chip/Boost upgrade with computer.  The computer
 costs $6-800 alone new.  No need to pay $100+ to have your chip installed.
 Just pop in this computer w/ the $425 T.A.P chip already installed and 
 install the WG spring (For 89-90 200tqs and 86-88 5ktqs)  $500 or
 best offer.
 3) Black Leather Seats: power controlled, heated, A6 style seats(fits
 A6, 100s, and 5000s turbo and nonturbo) Complete Set in great shape.
 $650 or best offer.
 4) Viper Alarm C70: high end alarm, Enginge Kill Switch, Keyless Entry,
 Shock Sensor, many more options like highjack engine stall, remote window
 roll down, remote engine start. $150 or best offer. 
 5) Special Alpine amp: 300 watts of "real power", 4 channel, 2 built in
 crossovers.  Has won many stereo competitions. Valued at $800,  $350 or
 best offer.