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RE: MC engine info needed

I beg to differ grand wazoo ;-)

Bentley clearly states "before installing cylinder head, turn crankshaft
to TDC marking, then turn crankshaft so that pistons are about equal
distances below TDC"  ... which usually indicates that if a piston were
too close to TDC it might contact an open valve.  I can tell you for a
fact that the WX (qtc) engine IS interference, and I'm pretty sure the
MC is as well.  The Audi non-turbo engines are typically static

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
> <<Are MC engines interference type engines? 
>      Not in theory.  But in reality I have five exhaust valves that
> chose to
> have intimate contact with the pistons, to the detriment of all
> parties
> involved.  (No, the timing belt did not break.)
>      In other words, being a non-interference fit by design does not
> guarantee
> non-interference fit in function.