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Re: Aftermarket F.I.?? Was EFI vs CIS (no Quattro content)


Okay, let's not get ahead too quickly. There is a lot to be said for
both CIS and EFI. You can possibly get the same power out of each as
said by qlisters, but you can do the same with the EFI. As far as I
understand from the argument so far is that EFI is less restrictive and
"can" have a window for more tweeks than CIS. Money for converting to
EFI can be used to seriously power-up the CIS, but at the same time
that money putting in the EFI can result in the same power output in
one go. So, either way, 2 grand for CIS tweeking or 2 grand for EFI
conversion. EFI can be easier to mod once it is in. As far as I see
it, once the EFI is in you'll be all on your own. By that I mean, if you
have the Audi CIS system then you can readily pop a question up to the
q-list and get help with fixing or improving it, but once you have the
aftermarket EFI in you're dealing with possibly a salesman and yourself!
But then again, if you put the EFI in then you're a god! :) If you're
willing to go through all the major work of conversion and can set up
the EFI to run like the CIS (after tweeking) then you should be in
a position to work all faults out ya'self! Right?

I'm still calling for a proper list of CIS vs. EFI counterpoints for
this thread, I think it should come before a listing of the aftermarket
systems. Could Graydon and Scott J. perhaps list what they think to be
the benefits and downsides of both CIS and EFI, please? Just as a
reference for this thread. Let's not turn the thread into a
"fling match", but make one that will help future listers (or even
current). Anyway, there are going to be people who are going to want
to put in EFI even if CIS has exactly the same power potential. I'm
one of them, but can't do it right away. To this end I will be learning
from  the thread and perhaps at the same time doing CIS mods until I
can afford to do all the work to my motor (currently being repaired in
every department imaginable!!)

Last request then: before listing the aftermarket EFI units, please
list the dis/advantages of CIS and EFI and why one should keep CIS or
why one should go over to EFI. Somehow I might think that converting to
EFI is something you just want to do, but don't need to do, but let's
get all the points down for keep CIS or removing it. Didn't the
Sport Quattro run CIS? Anyway, immediately after the points let's get
to listing the systems available.

Sorry for the blurb, but I've seen some threads such as Torsen get
pretty involved and I got lost damn quickly, just trying to suss out
if EFI is viable or not.

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