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Re: torsen, torsen, whither thy bite....

At 12:12 AM 3/12/98 +1300, Dave Eaton wrote:
>well guys, 
>as any intrepid reporter would, i set out tonight to study the vagaries of
>torsen bite (aka boris the spider)...
>factor in wet night, 11:30pm, a station-wagon (shopping basket) equipped with
>said torsen (boris the spider), and a vacant 2-lane (wet) roundabout, and we
>have the makings of an experiment...

I've done similar maneuvers on highway exit/entrance ramps in my A4q (wet
and dry roads), and I too am puzzled.  The constant squeal of the
continental tires (in the dry) stand as testament that the car was near
it's limit.  On the throttle results in more squeal from the fronts as the
car pushes more.  Off the throttle results in the rear end lightening up
and the front 'tucking in'.  In the wet, sometimes I'll get understeer
while on the throttle, and *more* understeer when I get off the gas (as
well as a resonating sound from the front end as both front tires slip
angle becomes too extreme for the conditions).  I guess that we're still
driving below 7/10s (what the hell is 11/10s anyways???) or something...

- Josh Pinkert
- Josh@Pinkert.com
- '98 A4q 2.8
- ISO '70-'73 Porsche 911