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New A6 owner with a question

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1998 A6...my new car has a very annoying defect that has kept the 
enthusiasm muted. some problem in the emissions creates a whine 
in the rear of the car that is so loud it competes with the bose sound

leased the car on dec 28 and sound started week later. audi claims they 
are working on it and will have a repair campaign shortly. 

any others with 1998  A6 models have the same complaint? 

on the positive side; the a6 is the smoothest car i have ever driven. love
everything about the car. it handles wet and icy weather better than the chev
blazer i leased before it. i also own a viper gts coupe. what a contrast
getting into the a6 after a spin in the snake! brute,spartan,cramped
surroundings to world class luxury.

regards, marty riddle