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Parts Discount Update

Hi Folks,
    A couple of months ago I posted to the list that I had established a
discount for Q-list members where I work. When I established the discount,
my parts manager said.. "What the heck is a Q-list?"
Well times have changed thanks to the listers who have taken advantage of
the discount. 

My parts manager stopped me today (on the stairwell no less) and told me to
let you guys know that prices can quoted and parts ordered via our web-page
starting this week. The address is:

http: www.langanauto.com

Follow the link to the parts department. The page is entirely new and

As before, be certain to mention the Q-list in order to get the discount.
The discount (for now) remains the same... 20% off plus free UPS ground.
For people responding internationally, except some delays in a response as
Bill Banks (the parts manager) tries to figure out the hurdles involved in
getting stuff to you. The parts deparment carries Audi, VW, and Porsche.
Bill is also in charge of our other dealership's parts department so you
could probably get a similiar discount on Chysler/Plymouth/Jeep parts if
anybody is interested in that. Just ask Bill. 

Just FYI, they've made me official internet sales-guy. I get to respond to
requests personally for inquiries. 
For a brief few weeks I even had a new title... "Web site administrator." 
Then the guy who actually administrates the site saw my business card and
stole my title. He claimed he was "looking for a good title for his new
duties". He told my boss that I can be "Web site administrative assistant".

Oh well... 

BTW: This isn't a spam of the list for I don't get any benefits if you guys
buy parts. It is completely NOT my department. Feel free to drop me a line
and let me know what you think of the web-page. It's competely new.

Osman Parvez
Albany, NY
89 200q, TAP Chip, 171K