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Re: What is the 5ktqw worth?

> What year is it?  Assuming it is an '87, with the problems listed, if
> you have a parts car, it is probably worth what he is asking.  If not,
> no more that $2,500, imo.  Not long ago, I talked to a guy that sold a
> cherry wagon, with some very nice mods, for $5,000.  Nice car, nice
> deal.

I just saw a MINT 1987 5ktqw w/ Fuchs alloys that sold for $6500.  It only
had ~50k miles on the clock too...  previous owner was John K. Hanson
(founder of Winnebago industries).   The kicker is that I could have
gotten the car for only 5 grand...  I always hear about these things too
late.  ;-)


'90 CQ20V
'86 XR4ti