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Audi owners

Got some research data on Audi buyers in CA.  A little over 10% of Audi
sales are in CA and the buyers were compared to those of all the other
luxury marques.  Some of the findings:
1.  Audi has the youngest buyers, 38 yrs old on average, followed by BMW at
41, (Cadillac oldest of course, 62)
2.  Despite one of the lowest average prices $32k, a greater % of Audi
owners make over $75k than nearly all other brands, Audi was higher than
M-B, BMW, and about the same as Jaguar, 65%
3.  Audi owners are more highly educated than all other luxury brands, 84%+
with college degree.  (On other data I have seen, only Porsche owners have
a higher education level)
4.  Audi has the lowest loyalty rate by far, about 9% of buyers had
previously purchased Audis vs. 32% for BMW and 58% for Mercedes
5.  Average gross profit made by dealers on the transaction price (not
MSRP) of Audis, 4.9%.  BMW and M-B were 7.5+%
6.  Took an average of 45 days to sell an Audi vs. 36 for a BMW and 24 for
a Mercedes

Of course this data will be totally corrupted when I sell my 11 year old
4000Q and buy a new A4.