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RE: ELP Motorsport - More info

Got a response from ELP regarding their chip. I was asking specifically
about the chip for the 200 20v engine.

Their claim was the chip gives 30HP at the wheels. They claimed they also
had a chip for the S2 which gives 45HP at wheels. Why are these different (I
asked them)? They said the fueling system of the S2 allows them to run 2
pounds more boost. Also they said the S2 drivetrain was stronger and could
hold the extra boost.

Does anyone know if this is true? I thought the S2 ran the exact same 3B
engine as the 91 200Q?

> -----Original Message-----
> Q -
> Anyone have any experience with computer mods from ELP Motorsport
> (http://www.elpmotorsport.com)? They claim to have chip upgrades for 5kt,
> Ur-Q (I think) and S4/S6 cars. I've never heard them mentioned here and
> don't see them in the archives.
> Rob Winchell
> 91 200Q
> 87 4kCS