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RE: Rotor heaven? (mad scientist stuff)

> Tony Lum wrote:
> >
> > Hi gang,
> >
> > Quick question-where do old rotors go to die?
> If they were UFO's I would want them for mad scientist stuff:
> http://www.succulents.com/science/tesla2.jpg
> http://www.succulents.com/science/tesla3.jpg
> But, so far no-one has donated any.
> Wolff

My company would probably also accept some donations for mad-scientist-type 
Have some defunct Audi parts that you would like to watch die a *very* final 
Big sparks, big current, big fun.
http://www.melttran.com  probably should get some new pictures up soon...

Henry Harper
1991 200 quattro, 86k, sparks only in combustion chambers and all smoke staying 
inside relay boxes for now
1988 GTI 16v, 174k, ditto
1989 Mongoose Sycamore, only frame remains the same, beater bike for commuting 
(transport of the day)