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re: Audis at altitude (or maybe just a thinly-disguised road trip report)

Perhaps anticipating this very topic, I took myself and my 91-200-q away to 
Taos Ski Valley for a long weekend. What fun.

Went down through Pagosa Springs, didn't find anything I couldn't pass 
right-now. Turbos rule.

Zero consultations with constabulary, though I did note a few skin paints. 
Roads were mostly clear after some snow on the Utah-Idaho border. Missed the 
"big storm."
Totals: 1800-odd miles, 71-odd gallons (>25mpg), averaging "around" 75mph while 
driving, 1/2 quart of oil. The 1700 miles of trip (not counting putting around 
Taos or layovers) took 26 hours (that's with fuel and bathroom stops).
Three days at TSV, lovely powder in the chutes and bumps on Saturday the middle 
day, sunny on Sunday.
College buddies very impressed with the car, part of my personal campaign to 
drive up resale value.
Just over the border into Colorado I came upon a very nice straight flat 
stretch of highway, let my foot down, came up to 6300rpm in 5th before slowing. 
Felt good, had a little more to give but would have taken a lot more road. Next 
town was at 8000', still sunny, roads clear but temp a bit below freezing.
After a night on a convenient college-buddy Denver futon, the next day I 
decided to take it easy on the Hakkas and go for a distance record from Laramie 
all the way home.
More sun, 470 miles in one sitting, three stop signs, 210 miles of I-80 @ 75, 
balance of US-191/189/26 @ 70 where conditions permitted. Four pop-tarts, two 
breadsticks. 9 hours from Denver to Idaho Falls. I did get the gas pump 
autocheck icon pulling into the local service station, but was only able to put 
in 17.1 gallons - anybody able to get more in when the car is nose-up instead 
of nose-down? Not a huge grade, it didn't roll away in neutral or anything. I 
think I put 17.5 in at Green River with no pump icon but the computer did 
indicate "E" both times.

If the q's tank is 21.5 gallons, 500 miles should be pretty easy. The GTI's 
record on 14 gallons (out of 14.5) is 460 miles, but that was actually mixed 
driving with a couple highway jaunts. And since it doesn't have a cruise 
control, it's very difficult to drive slowly (or at a consistent moderate 
speed) on the highway.

Over and out.
Henry Harper
1991 200 quattro, 86k, about to be semi-retired for the summer racing season 
(only one bike fits in trunk, especially with the Bazooka in there)
1988 GTI 16v, 174k, two bikes inside, better fool economy, cooler AC, back to 
sucky stereo for now