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Brilliance of Audi Idiots

Just thought I would let everyone know how brilliant AOA is and why they will
never compete with the big boys.  I live in Chattanooga, Tn. fourth largest
city in the state of Tn.  We have no Audi dealer, compared to the last one who
is still the VW dealer, we are better off without one because of the idiots
that manage(HA) it.  However we have some of the best people I have ever deal
with at the VW dealer 30 miles away in Dalton, Ga. where I have ordered for
years because of the idiots we had in Chatt.  Now, found out the other day
that eventhough we have no Audi dealer, AOA is now going to add a surcharge of
10% on any Audi part ordrered from a Vw dealer even if there is no Audi dealer
any where near.  BRILLIANT MARKETING MOVE AOA.  As always AOA keep that gun
pointed direcrly at foot and daily pull trigger.

I know, but I feel better.

Joe Thompson
Chattanooga=No Audi Dealer-Soon no Audi's