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Re:5ktqw FS

>OK, ok !
So _maybe_ I exagerated a little !  But really, there wasn't anything
seriously wrong--some paint flaws, the radio didn't work--stuff like
that.  Nothing as serious as the stuff Rob is talking about.

This wouldn't be the 5000 that recently experienced fuel pump trauma, or 
currently suffering blower motor fatigue, or hot sart problems?? :^)

>last year and there was _nothing_ wrong with it.

The above is the key sentence.  I've purchased a few used Audis in that 
same shape, problem is later.  My rule of thumb for stuff you have to go 
to a professional wrench for
4000Q problem = $250
5000TQ problem = $400
UrQ problem = $500
these are minimums, plan/negotiate your purchases accordingly and insist 
on seeing those receipts for "work done" or price it in.  Take along 
someone who knows the gremlins, better yet take someone who dislikes 
Coke bottle sized rose colored glasses retired after UrQ purchase!

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