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Timing belt help on 4ks - troubles and thanks

In message <s5066e3f.023@hlthsrc.com> "Eric Renneisen" writes:

> >>a year or so ago i learned from the list that audi now thoughtfully 
> >>includes a tool for threading into one hole in the hub to keep 
> >>things lined up and to hang the wheel while threading the other 
> >>wheel bolts.
> >OK, what's the part number of this tool. Could be very useful for 
> >those of us with UFO's with spacers.
> The CQ fiche shows 893 012 223 ("Tommy Bar"). Should be the 
> same as long as the bolt/thread is the same between cars, or you 
> could just ask for a Tommy Bar for your particular car.

Nah, that ain't it.  There's one in the boot of my ur-quattro ...
I can't find it on the microfiche.  The 'tommy bar' in the tool bag is just a 
bar to stick through the box (UK English meaning) spanner.  I caused several 
dogs to have heart attacks a couple of hours ago when the idea suddenly came to 
me that this device might be listed, not with the tools, but with the wheel 
bolts.  I whooped and set off at some speed for the kitchen, which is where the 
microfiche reader currently sits.  Two rooms, three landings, two flights of 
stairs and three severely shaken dogs later - it's still not listed.
If/when I get my car back tommorrow/Friday, I'll see if the thing has a number 
moulded into it.  It is _indeed_ most useful.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club