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RE: Cheap Thrills - Rallycross

Glen Powell wrote:

<<I think "half a quattro at half the price" would be a little more

- -glen>>

Actually, if you ever drive a 323 GTX, you'll quickly be humbled by it's
abilities, but will forget about your qualms about the car just as
quickly.  The 323 GTX is a very predictable and a very forgiving car to
drive...and the best part is that it doesn't have that dispicable
understeer that all of the Q's I own(ed) have.  If you get a chance,
take a drive, and I guarantee you'll quickly change your mind.  I was of
the same mindset the first time I heard about the car...but after
driving it, and having had a couple of 'em, they're a hoot!

-mark nelson