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RE: Dunlap SP sport D87m

I just had a set mounted this morning, too early for a real report.
I do have one complaint already though - they look WIMPY!
They have a rather rounded edge to them where the P700Zs
had a broad, flat, wide tread and more squared edges. The
P700Zs filled the wheel-wells nicely, but the D87M 40s leave
me totally underwhelmed and thinking that I made a BIG
mistake visually with these Dunlops......

They are nice and quiet and ride very well, but, VERY WIMPY looks,
not at all in keeping with the low, wide and nasty ur-q character.


 Can anyone tell me about the Dunlap SP sport D87m? The Tire Rack has
them for $97 ea in the 215 50 15 size I need for my urq.
 Any experiences with these?