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Re: Parts and rear brake sticking 86 4kq

John wrote:
Question #2: The back brakes were sticking this morning when I was going to
go to work.  This has only happend once before but that was after a heavy
rain and the car sat for a couple days. Conclusion, surface rust on the
rotors.  This time was different only sat for 12 hrs and no rain.  My
thinking is water in the brake line froze thereby expanding over night.
Was real cold.  Ideas?

Did you have the parking brake set?  It could be that the parking brake
mechanism on one or both rear calipers is seizing.  I think this is impossible
to fix on the caliper if it is truly stuck, but you might be able to work it
loose if you remove the caliper, flush it out, and try to work the mechanism
back and forth. Remember that if you remove the rear caliper you have to turn
the piston(s) clockwise with a suitable tool in order to get them back into
their bore -- just pushing on them won't work.  Also, sometimes the jacket on
the parking brake cable wears through and the cable rusts, preventing the
parking brake from releasing with the handle.  If you're worried that a cold
night could have caused water in the lines to freeze it might be a good time
to flush that brake fluid anyway...

Best Wishes,