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Re: Lengthy- Perplexing quattro dilema (HELP!!!)

Thomas, consider this a more valuable lesson than a college grad course 
at about the same price
>I didn't even consider taking it somewhere else to get checked out.
Just bad luck here, Audi stuff can go south overnight.
>I have sunk about $1,600 into it ! 

$1550/6 = $258 per repair, see my list post earlier today re 5000tqsw!
Always take someone else familiar with the car with you!!!
>I would just like to know what, if any recourse I have in dealing with 
this matter-  (legally, of course).  

Probably no recourse, a 12 year old car is a 12 year old car caveat 
emptor!  Upside, this is the point that breaks many Q owners, you are 
prolly near or over the hump!  At 140K the car has many miles left.  We, 
and Robert Bentley are your new resources.  You will not face anything 
that is not in the archives somewhere.  I have not seen an EM go in a 
4000Q this early, get a second opinion.  In the mean time don't give up 
the ship.  Get another person to evaluate the car realistically and 
Good luck, we've all been there ONCE!


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