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Re: Lengthy- Perplexing quattro dilema (HELP!!!)

Thomas Turse wrote:
> Hi all,  Well I'm about as frustrated as I can get!  A little background information- <SNIP>
> Sincerely,
> Thomas C.  Turse, Denver, CO
> 85 4ksq  140,000
> tturse@ps-b.com

Check the archives for shops in your area, consult YP for
Audi shops (ask qlisters in your area for shop 
recommendations). Drag, tow, drive car to shop.  
Get the lo-down and go from there.  
If it helps, my 28 month-new-to-me 89 100 
required $3.5K in repairs (both in-shop and on my own), 
but now it's trouble free for 11 months (oh s*@!, did I piss
off Audi gods?).

If a qualified shop can/will support your claim, you may
have recourse in small claims court.
Good luck,
MJ Murphy
89 100
98 A6Q (on order)