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FS: rare TURBO QUATTRO COUPE w/ very low miles

In message <Pine.A41.3.96.980311155106.34726B-100000@gsaix2.cc.GaSoU.EDU> Carey Lyn writes:

> > >w/ 28k original miles... and original deep dish multispoke 15x8 rims.  
> > Weren't these original only from 85 on?
> Where I live these UrQs are few and far between so it may not be as rare
> as it seems to me.

The 8" Ronals were a running change that _almost_ corresponds to the 1984 model 
year.  They were, BTW, an accident.  The ur-quattro body shell does not, in a 
feat of German non-precision, conform to the original drawings.  On paper, the 
8" rims don't fit.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club