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Re: ELP Motorsport - BOGUS

Um, why would anyone buy a $80,000 luxury sports sedan from 
a company that makes Volks. Foxes?
Heck, if a company can make a Toyota drive like a real car, what
do you think they could do to an Audi?

Do you actually have information about ELP, or is this just 

At 01:26 PM 3/11/98 EST, AudiQtroCp wrote:
>blah, blah,blah.
>Why would anyone with access to the knowlege of THIS LIST consider a chip
>a company that also sells upgrades for Hondas and Toyotas (before OR after
>that line of bullshit). 
>GET A QLCC  chip and experience the thunder.  And if you don't know what the
>QLCC is put up a post and you will be informed shortly there after.
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