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Project Car 4 Sale

Well, push is coming to shove in my driveway, and my 4K 
project car is going looking for a home.  This is a black
84 4K quattro with front end dammage.  I have bought all 
the new pieces to fix it, over $500 worth of stuff, but it
is just not happening.  It needs a hood, fender, and new front
grill work.  Mechanically it needs an airbox, lights and baskets,
new timing belt and cover, oil pump and idler pulley and a new
motor mount.  I have all of this stuff and yet the project is
stalled.  This car is extrememly clean otherwise, with 16 inch
wheels, lowered springs, big stereo, and a nice interior.  I would
be thrilled to see this project go away for $1K.  If anyone has more
time that I do (getting married) please give me a line.

paul timmerman