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Daddy A8 FS in Lancaster PA & a Dealer that'll do Performance Tuning

	I was at Autohaus Lancaster today gitting my Jetta GLX serviced. While
there I did some checking of what was in stock. There was the A8 of all A8s
there. This car was black with grey leather, 17" rims, and get this a $3500
suede/leather package with suede headliner and other crazy stuff. Wow, if I
had money to blow...
	Other tasty treats they had included a Passat 1.8T silver/black leather
5spd that I couldn't talk my wife into letting me buy tonight and a maroon
A4 Avant w/ sport package, also very nice. If I only had money. Anyway, if
anyone is interested in an A8 like no other, you gotta check this one out.
Ask for Jay Miller too. He's my salesman and cool enough to let me take an
A8 (not that one) for a test drive even though I am in the Jetta financial
range. LAter-G