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Dealer Tuning

Hey All,
	I was at Autohaus Lancaster today in PA and saw a strange thing. It was a
flyer on the counter by the service area that had a pic of the VW
Motorsport Golf TDI and said something to the effect that if you want to
tune your car, bring it to them. They do springs, wheels (already knew
that, the owner is buds with the owner of the local NTB), ground effects,
exhausts, and the clincher they even mentioned chips. I asked my salesman
if he knew anything for certain on it, and he said he had just seen the
flyer too, but that he had had a Neuspeed chip in his wife's Cabrio and
they still did warranty work on his car.
	Of course Jay probably doesn't have to worry about that working for them,
but still he said he didn't think it'd be a problem. He said the Neuspeed
equipped Cabrio ran rough and that there was nothing he could do about
that, but I guess this is a pretty good finding. 
	They are pretty progressive, atleast selling 16" rims for 8V cars and
Harrisburg campaigns a race spec GTI VR6, but I'm not sure what to make of
this. If they are serious, this could be a COOL revelation. But, I wonder
how serious they are. I asked about the 1.8T since they had a sweet
silver/black leather 5spd Passat 1.8T on the floor, and he said he wasn't
sure. He didn't know off hand how powerful the engine could get, so I
shared my story of riding in VW Sport's Audi 1.8T. He said he would look
into it. That's about all I know, but if you want to ask him, he'd know
where to find the answers. His name is Jay Miller, and the number at
Autohaus is (717)299-2801. 
	The fact that he is local, and their techs are factory trained and lately
bullied into Customer Satisfaction excellence by VW makes modding my car
sound a little easier, and their rates are cheaper than other tuning shops
I have dealt with. We'll see if their markup is  in line with other tuning
shops. LAter-G