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S4 plug torque specs? + misc

I tried sending this out, but I don't think it made it?

>Hello all,
>Just got the '93 S4 serviced today.
>New timing belt, idler, serpentine belt, 5-50 syntec, canton mecca oil
>filter, synthetic tranny & diff fluid, lubed center driveshaft carrier, new
>O2 sensor, checked fault codes, came up with "engine speed sensor," not
>what that means?
>Runs very nicely as the K24/K26 hybrid comes on STRONGLY at 4,000 and moves
>QUICKLY to 7,000. In fact I would start the evil laughing bit each time I
>rapidly did that 3,000 RPM spread. The lag is kind of a drag, but when the
>boost comes on, oh momma, get out of the way!
>Question: I'm planning on doing the spark plugs and fuel filter this
>evening, what are the torque specs on the plugs and are there any tricks on
>the fuel filter?
>Also does anyone know what the RS2's used in the way of rear brakes? 968
>caliper modified for the cable e-brake? Oder rear hubs modified to
>accommodate Porsche style drum e-brake?
>I noticed Ron Wood posted looking for 17 x 8 A8 wheels and I was thinking
>these would make nice snow tire wheels on the S4. I remember them being 5 x
>112 bolt pattern, but what was the offset? They will need to clear the 911
>twin turbo front brakes, but I think they would add some current Audi
>styling cues.