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HELP: does 5KSQ + 80 km/h + big dog = write off?

Yesterday on my way home from work a Rotweiler crossed with something
**REALLY BIG** ran in front of my wife's 87 Audi 5000S quattro with me
driving.  With the ABS chattering away there was a very loud and very solid
THUNK as I sent the dog literally 250 feet down the road and into the
ditch... VERY VERY dead.  I got out to inspect the damage to the Audi...
what a mess!  The dog hit the front bumper on the passanger side and broke
the headlight causing glass to be scattered throughout the engine bay.

When I got home I looked at the damage a little closer.  The "tube" on the
inside of the engine bay that holds the bumper is crumpled and pushed in
about 1.5".  The headlight and signal light are totally smashed and the
brumper cover is cracked to pieces with the whole bumper moved over to the
passanger side about 2".  The fender is 0.25" closer to the passanger door,
but there is no creases in the fender or the hood.  There is now a wobble
in the steering wheel and the car pulls to the left a bit now.

Considering the price of these cars.  Do you think the insurance company
will write the car off?  I hope not, but I wonder how much and how well
something like this can be fixed?

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