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200tq inst. lights

I find the gauges hard to read at night with the red inst. lights. I have
never had dash apart so I don't know if bulbs are red tinted or what. Is it
possible to change to white (clear) lights?
I have the Bentley service manual for this model and I think I have talked
local dealer into getting me the parts micro fiche is there anything else
around that will help me understand my car ?
Someone asked about 5 cyl. engine in touring car racing. I believe the FIA
will allow engines of 6 cyl. or less, under 2 ltr. and naturally aspirated.
The Ford Mondeo or maybe Vauxhall ran a V 6 without much success. I believe
Audi chose a 4 cyl engine because it was the best for the job and that the
5 cyl. was not ruled illegal.
Just read the newest C&D it has articles on both A6 and A8. I sure get
tired of Audis getting reviewed with statements like "great car but not
enough power" when will Audi wise up and realize that they have to make
more HP to make people happy. Sure hope the new S4 is faster than the M3 4
dr. so it can claim to be  the fastest sedan in America.
C&D (Bedard) is also very anti airbag. Does loosing the airbag make any sense ?
I would appreciate any input re my questions
'91 200 tq