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ELP Motorsport

Following the recent posting about the ELP Motorsport oversize throttle
bodies, I have been in contact with them and they offer lots of goodies
for the Audi, including inlet manifolds, head work (valves, hi-rev
springs, titanium retainers etc) and an ultra-lightweight aluminium

Does anyone have any experience of this company and their products?

BTW, their web page shows a Stage 1 throttle body (3.5mm oversize). They
don't show a Stage II (5mm) but will make one.  What are the practical
benefits on these on a turbo Q? They claim up to 22% more flow (or
10-14bhp). What are the disadvantages of shaving lots of weight from the
flywheel?  Rough idle?  Anyone BTDT? They claim significant increases in
response and acceleration.

Regards, Malcolm.