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Re: Wife's 5ktq quits

You wrote:

> My wife's 5ktq has begun to quit for now known reason.  It will run for a few
> days and then stop half way home.  Wait a few minutes and most of the time it
> will start and run.  Tonight it did this after stopping hard.  I tried this
> because she said the anti lock light would come on just before it would stop.
> Before my stopping idea I turned of the anti lock to see if it had anything to
> do with it.   Has any other owners had this happen to them and what was the
> fix?  Any ideas would help.  Thanks in advance,


My '87 5KCSTQ did this very thing last month, with the exception of 
the anti-lock light coming on. This condition lasted two days.  Then 
at 6 AM one morning when it was -10 degrees F, I was going down the 
Maine turnpike at 80mph when the engine just stopped.  Very 
disconcerting.  Bad fuel pump.  

I should have paid attention to the warning I was given for two days
before it died.  During the two days previous the engine would
sputter and then die.  I would have to wait about 10-15 minutes then
it would start again.  The fuel pump was also a bit louder than
usual in the morning on cold start-up.



Kurt Wesseling
Technical Support Center
The Education Network of Maine