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Re: Audis and pizzas...

Boy, I don't have to be forced to use an A8, especially if it was the S8
that goes 0-62 in 5.5 seconds.  I may cause car trouble just to be able to
use it.  "Hey Mom, Can you belive it? My battery is dead again.  The car
won't even turn over." My would say," That's the forth time this week and 
its only thursday.  Hey Carey, I was looking at your car and the battery
was disconnected.  How do you think that happened?"  I would say," Oh my
gosh, that's odd. Maybe the wires got lose from hitting all those pot 
holes in the road or something."Chuckle! Chuckle!

Carey Lyn

On Thu, 12 Mar 1998, Jeffrey J. Goggin wrote:

> Speaking of delivering pizzas in an Audi, I had one delivered to me this
> evening in an A8!  Noticing the three Audis in my driveway, the guy pointed
> out the black A8 he was driving ... turns out it is his mothers and he'd
> been forced to borrow it because the original battery in his '89 Honda CRX
> died this afternoon and it wouldn't start.
> Many years ago, I ran into a similar situation when a kid working at
> McDonalds had to drive his father's white Ferrari 308GTB to work because his
> econobox wouldn't start ... I found this out because he came running out of
> the store to find out why I appeared to be "stalking" the car.  (I was just
> looking at it, honest!)
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